Turn It Around


I was in my bathroom preparing myself to go back to the hospital, knowing that my return would result in brain surgery. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I was horrified by the grief on my face. In the moment I asked my sister to take my picture. It is this photograph that inspired me to paint Turn It Around. The focal point, which is my anguished face in the mirror, sends a very strong message.

To create a good composition I had to make sure the focal point was strategically placed and balanced by the large mass on the other side, which is actually the back of my head. Because I used a square canvas, I placed a small secondary focal point in the exact middle of my painting, the reflection of my miniature Mary statue from the bathroom. I used my six-color scheme, three cools and three warms as well as their neutrals.

I called the painting Turn It Around because of the experience I had had at the Byron Katie workshop which I describe in detail later and also because at that point in the brain tumour journey, I needed to turn my fear into courage.


Original Acrylic on canvas,

Healing Art Series

Inventory # 2010-03-24

Image size: 30 x 30 in

(76 x 76cm)


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