My Salvation painting represents the night I thought I was going to die. It is a constant reminder of being in a place I do not ever want to go to again. In less than 24 hours after brain surgery, I was sent home from the hospital. I was very sick. The Gravol that I took to control the nausea made me extremely anxious. I was having a panic attack and was afraid to fall asleep. As I lay in my bed, I forced myself to stay awake all night by following the pattern of cast light through the open door of my bathroom.

Resembling the entrance to my bathroom, I painted several grey rectangles of different sizes and values. A continuous squirrelly line, painted in contrast greys around the rectangles represents the trembling and anxiety I felt.

Originally, I wanted to call the painting The Boogie Man. Fear was the boogieman that got me on that night. However, in the end, I called the painting Salvation because I was really focused on saving myself. I survived the worst day of my life, the brain tumour surgery and the fear of dying. The painting is a symbol to me of how your imagination can get away and how easy it is to let fear overcome you. I might have been afraid but that experience has proved to me that I am strong.


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Original Acrylic on canvas,

Healing Art Series

Inventory #2009 -11-13

Image size: 24 x 36 in

(61 x 91 cm)

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