My Priscilla painting was inspired from a photograph I took of Priscilla, another of my angels during my hospital stay. Most importantly, the photograph showed the humped back which she developed from Potts disease. This is a memorable characteristic of her. Also important is the little African purse she used to carry the hosts. At the same time, I wanted her aura and presence to be transparent in my painting. I accomplished this by painting a yellow background, complementing the blue tones. The colour glows around her.

The initial drawing has a few small adjustments for a better composition.  I added a cross is at the center of the painting, creating a secondary focal point. I used oil paint, as it is the tradition.  I used the same six colours combinations of three warms, three cools, and their neutrals with the addition of a Payne’s Grey.

My Priscilla painting has been donated to the University of Alberta Pastoral Care Center in honour of a wonderful lady.


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Original Oil on canvas,

Healing Art Series

Inventory #2011-10-11

Image size: 16 x 20 in (41 x 51 cm)

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