Healing art series


My new paintings section is a good representation of the ever evolving relationship I have with my art. My main focus these days is on painting plein air, out-of-this-world-beautiful, locations for my next book. I sought from my friends and family where are their favorite, paintable, on site locations that I can drive to and/or short hike to with my plein air painting supplies. The locations are to be Western Canada for now, B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. My plan has two purposes, one is to showcase my plein air work and the other more importantly is to create an opportunity for artists to be inspired to paint from these easy to get to locations, a geocash for artists. It also gives me an opportunity to head out and find these fabulous destinations. And then, there is the publishing of a book, that excites me; describing the location, the day, the inspiration, my thoughts on paper. 


New Paintings

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