My Cup Runneth Over Tigin


My Cup Runneth over on Tigin is a conceptual painting. It was inspired by a vision I had one night during my stay in the hospital. It was of my human father who died 19 years ago, he was sitting on the left of my Holy Father.

I began by painting realistically, with rays of light coming out of the top left side and my dad’s face filling the top right side. In the center I placed my china teacup which I drank tea from during my hospital stay. The fluid from the cup overflowed and spelled the word Tigin. The word Tigin is also seen as silhouette of people holding the cup up as though they are a network of support.

I had a lot of difficulty getting all of the parts to flow together. It actually sat unfinished, on my easel, for six months. In the end I used a pointillist style to unify all of the parts and I paid special attention to balance and color harmony. I think it is one of my most successful paintings.


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Original Acrylic on canvas,

Healing Art Series

Inventory #2010-08-10

Image size: 24 x 36 in

(61 x 91 cm)

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