Jesus’ Eyes


My Jesus’ Eyes painting is my rendition of the vision I had of Jesus in my curtains. I painted the canvas with a light ochre yellow coloured gesso, made up with cool primary colours. Because I had seen the image in the curtains, I believed the pattern in the curtain was the foundation of my painting. I made a detailed drawing of the ebbs and flows of the fabric, and then I drew a leaf pattern going in and out of the folds. I drew Jesus’ face using the leaves as guiding points for the eyes, nose, mouth, beard and curls in the hair. With a wash, I painted in the face and hand. However, I did not like the leaves poking through, therefore I used this painting as an under painting for the next try. The next try became the under painting for the next try and the next try became the under painting for the next try… I painted that canvas five times.

In the last painting, I took an impressionist style and let the brush bounce in small short strokes. It was a delight to paint. It too, took on a life of its own and. I was about to repaint the eyes, something stopped me in mid stroke. I backed up and looked at my painting and the eyes were looking straight at me. They were beautiful just the way they were. As well, in the prior four paintings my Jesus did not have shoulders; he had only a head and the hand. While my paintbrush was dancing, all of a sudden, shoulders popped out of the curtain all on its own. It was meant to be.

Much later, when I would show Tibet, my sister, my Jesus’ Eyes painting, I will never forget her reaction. In awe, she said. “Claudette, the eyes are following me.”

Shocked, I exclaimed, “Tibet, the eyes are looking at me too and they are following me!”

“How did you do that?” she questioned.

“I don’t know.” I replied, “It just came out that way.” We agreed that Someone else had a hand in my painting.


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Original Acrylic on canvas,

Healing Art Series

Inventory #2010-17-10

Image size: 22 x 28 in

(56 x 71 cm)

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