Its a Bleeder


It’s a Bleeder painting began as an experiment; however the abstract painting took on a life of its own. It became my ochre coloured tumour with its steaks of blood running through it all the while, strangling my pituitary gland.

I used acrylic paint diluted with water to resemble watercolour and to allow the paint to create a marbling effect. I used a beautiful rock that I had picked up during our trip to the Yukon as inspiration. The rock had veins throughout. In between each vein, the colours changed from blue to red to purple to ochre back to red, to blue and so on.

I drew the rock from many angles to find the best composition for a painting. In the end, I decided to paint it on two canvases. Each painting can stand-alone or put side by side they stand as one. I gave each canvas a coating of blue-purple coloured gesso, the main colour in the rock. I used a combination of Indian Red, Ultramarine Blue, and Cadmium Yellow combined with Black and White gesso. I used these same primary colours all neutralised to some degree with the neutral mix colour.

To create the watercolour wash look I put a layer of water down in sections on my canvas.  Always looking at my rock, I painted lines and curves of my selected colours onto the water film and watched with pleasure as the paint created marbled swirling patterns. This painting took on a life of its own, the swirls resembled the brain matter and the areas of thick red paint became the bleeder.


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Original Acrylic on canvas,

Healing Art Series

Inventory #2009-10-11Image size for both paintings:

18 x 24 in (46 x 61 cm)

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