My I AM painting resulted from a vision I had during my stay in the hospital. As I was trying to fall asleep, behind my closed eyelids, I could see the dark letters I M on a background of brilliant colours. In a spiritual context, I associated these letters with the words I AM, the son of God.

I had a lot of difficulty trying to get a pleasing composition.  I drew it many times until I was happy with the way the masses of the I M letters balanced. I began by painting a sunset orange on the top, ochre on the bottom, and indigo inside the letters. I added texture with arbitrary brushstrokes. This was not effective but the combination made for a good under painting. I added more texture for the letters with a palette knife. I had to use the palette knife everywhere to create unity. I also neutralized the orange and the ochre. I created more texture by printing my I AM poem below inside the letters.

I AM love,

I am who I am,

I AM with you,

I am what I am,

I AM light,

I am here,

I AM good,

I am a verb,

I AM that I AM,

I am alive,

I AM here for you

I am dynamic,

I AM the Lord

I am ever active,

I AM your ability to respond


© Images may not be reproduced in any form without the express written consent of Claudette Brown . All rights reserved.

Original Acrylic on Canvas,

Healing Art Series

Inventory # 2010-02-09

Image size: 24 x 36 in

(61 x 91 cm)

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