Art classes

I teach art classes in my studio, in my acreage home, west of Stony Plain. I have room for a maximum of four students at one time. Because I have a limited number of students, they receive a lot of one-on-one instruction. At the same time they also benefit from seeing the work my other students produce as well as seeing how my own work evolves. Because of this individualised teaching environment, I am able to accommodate my students in whatever medium they choose to use. It is not uncommon to have one student drawing, another painting in watercolour and yet another working in acrylics. I strive to have an atmosphere of creative individuality.


Critiquing is a technique I use to teach the student how to evaluate their own work. This technique is used in all my teaching whether the student is drawing or painting.  Becoming a perceptive critic attunes the individual to see where improvements can be made in their work as well as in the work of other artists. By adopting the stance of critic we are continually sharp tuning our artistic skills. By observing master artists work we gain a sense that not all art is the same. Through the critiquing process we learn the terminology needed to articulate reasons for preferring one work over another or be able to analyse why the master artist used a certain technique. It is by critiquing that our art evolves.

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Art Classes  “Artspiration with Claudette”



My fellow artists, I hope the beautiful weather has provided opportunities for creativity either drawing, painting or taking lots of photographs- your inspiration for the coming months. Check out the schedule in the ‘Art Classes Sessions’ section.

There are four semesters throughout the year, two in the Spring and two in the Fall. Please join me for some ‘Artspiration’. Claudette.