In Searching for Heaven on the Road through Hell: The Memoirs of a Brain Tumour Survivor, Claudette Brown shares her journey from diagnosis, surgery, and recovery from a brain tumour (a pituitary adenoma) to its lasting consequences.

Through her writing and painting—in the perceptions and emotions of the moment—she shares not only her fears and anguish, but also the gift of a deepened and more profound spiritual life as a result of her ordeal. It is an inspirational story of courage, faith, and love that will appeal to all, especially those—with their families—who are facing the prospect of brain surgery. Claudette’s story succeeds in allaying the fear of the dreaded unknown.

She was inspired to use this experience to give back to the world and to leave a legacy for her family.

Such a profound and touching book—it shows how one can stay positive and find meaning in the face of adversity. I was choked with emotion throughout the entire reading of this book. As a cancer survivor, I could relate to a lot of it.

Diane Koperdan

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Continuing Journey

  1. This book is a story without an end. Using post updates, Claudette will continue to write about her life experiences relating to her condition, Panhypopituitarism. She will write about the challenges of hormone replacement therapy and will share the relevant information she gathers on her journey. Claudette is dedicated to using this pituitary brain tumour experience as an opportunity to give back to the world by helping people affected by pituitary brain tumours.


Searching for Heaven on the Road through Hell