Albert & Charles


I made this watercolour painting called Albert and Charles as a tribute to nurse Albert, one of my angels during my stay in the hospital and as a testimony to the double vision I experienced because of the brain tumour pushing on the optic nerve. I decided to use watercolour paints because they are transparent. I wanted the objects in the painting to overlap each other, the same way I was seeing them through my double vision.

I researched the chin angle by looking in anatomy books, and by looking at other artists work. Finally, to attain the angle I had Diane, my sister, re-enact Albert’s pose. As I was lying in bed, she stood over me with a flashlight glaring into my eyes while I took her photograph. I used the photograph for inspiration.

I painted Albert to the best of my memory. I duplicated him closely for Charles but not perfectly, this created a point of interest. For the background, I painted a strong unifying angle for the ceiling. The curtain in the lower right hand corner creates weight with the texture and the strong yellow.


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Original watercolour on 200lb Waterford acid free paper,

Healing Art Series

Inventory # 2008-10-10

Image size: 15x 20 in, (38 x 51 cm)

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